Walk into tales of the city

Walking Tours

The city of Kolkata is a story teller's paradise - enigmatic stories hidden beneath the chaos and intensity which greet you and every story should be discovered on foot...

So put on those walking shoes and let us take you on a walk through the lanes and by lanes, nooks and crannies which form the soul of Calcutta. From history to architecture, food to culture see the story of the City of Joy come alive.

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Explore the cityscapes

Kolkata City Tour

For those who want to see more in less time, we have just the perfect solution for you... The Must Dos and Must Sees of Kolkata all put together in 4 hours half day and 5 hours...

car cum walking tours. The tailor made itineries all cover the must see places of Calcutta from the confines of a car/coach. What's more... the tours can also be customised as per your liking.

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The taste of Kolkata

Food walk

Calcutta's Rosogolla is legendary for its taste and if the iconic places have roots embedded in history and heritage of the city its definitely a double whammy...

These walks take you through a plethora of lanes and by lanes oozing old world charm and also a treasure trove of some iconic foods and recipes. Be prepared for an assault on your sensory and olfactory senses!

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Daytime Gaze

Day Trails around Kolkata

Have some time, want to see more in and around Kolkata in a day trip... Yes , we have those too- experience the colourful heritage of Portugese, Dutch, French and Danish settlements...

not far from Kolkata on a day's trip, or see the wonderful architecture embedded in the Ambica Kalna temples, the stupendous Hazarduari Mahal at the erstwhile capital of Murshidabad or the terra cotta wonders at Bishnupur...

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Through the banks & bridges

Experience the Hooghly tour

As Max Mueller has very beautifully said "While the river of life glides along smoothly, it remains the same river : only the landscapes on either bank seems to change". Experience the river...

the river from where it all started, right from the time Job Charnock dropped the anchor at a ghat in Sutanuti to the time when mighty bridges which have been built across it. The cruises at different times : mornings when the ghats come to life with various activities – masseurs, bathers, wrestlers or evenings when the sky is painted in different hues and – is an experience to behold.

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Experience festive fervour

Festivity Galore tours

The melting pot of cultures that Calcutta is, it celebrates all festivals- be it Durga Puja, Eid, Christmas or Diwali with equal gaiety and fervour. Not to forget the many more of the minorities who have made Calcutta their home...

be it the Parsi Navroz, Chinese New Year or Punjabi Gurpurab... Get in touch to know which festivals you could experience while you are in Calcutta

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